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Everyone wants to become successful but unfortunately many do not know how to go about it.Here are fundamentals of successful living.


Look at the big picture and aim high.

A lot people are unsuccessful because they never had a clear vision for their lives. Not having a vision can be likened driving a car without a destination in mind.

Think about what you want to accomplish in life and write down a personal vision statement. This will give your life a direction.

Never leave your life to chance.


Find out what it will take for you to achieve your vision and then put your action plans together. This will also involve setting smaller SMART goals that you will have meet in order to achieve your vision.

A typical strategy will include resources required, action to be taken, goals and milestones to be met.

Make sure you get your strategy right

Avoid Procrastination

Just do it as NIKE will say.

Without action, all dreams and aspirations are mere wishful thinking.  To be successful, you must be action oriented and quit the habit of putting off things.

Procrastination is your enemy. It  causes loss of opportunities and even life.


Successful people always strive for excellence. Make a demand on yourself to be the best at whatever you do.

Do not limit yourself but rather be passionate and focused because excellence will set you apart attracting referrals, promotion and wealth.

There is no substitute for excellence.

Self Discipline

Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without self discipline. Put aside what you ordinarily will like to do and give attention to what you need to do.

Self discipline is very important because anything you do in life is either taking you closer or farther away from your goals.

Follow through.

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