Quite often, we enter into relationships without understanding fully well what it takes to be in one and/or for the very wrong reasons. But come to think of it, what really is the essence of a relationship? What’s the crux of having someone to call your own?

Stories of failed marriages and broken homes have become a daily gist on social media, especially among our celebrities. A friend once portrayed relationship as two people living in agreements and arguments. I’ve also heard a lot from people who have experienced crappy relationships and those that are in really good ones. From their stories; I came to a conclusion that it is easy to determine the outcome of relationships if only we can carefully evaluate our reasons for going into them.

The common reason why many relationships fail is because they started on the wrong foot. A lot of people dive into relationships as a result of loneliness, crave for certain desires to be met or in most cases, for financial/self-highlighted gains.

Often, they come out of such relationships battered and feeling a lot worse than they were before going into it. The most common excuses you get from victims of failed relationships today are usually: responsibilities not being met, duties not fulfilled, desires not satisfied, incompatibility among others.

Never be in a hurry to enter into a relationship.

In the words of Aarti Khurana, the truth in fact ”is not about being in a relationship or being married. It is not about having a man at your side at all times. It is not about commitment and promises. It is all about feeling secure and peaceful at night without having the fear of losing what you have got. It is all about feeling respected, understood and appreciated. It is all about peace of mind. It is all about the right person and the right time. It is all about being loved to the core”.

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