Some people dread giving presentations while some others make a living out of it. However, your ability to give excellent presentations will greatly influence your career,business growth and overall success in life.The following are presentation tips:

Know your Audience

Audience analysis is essential before preparing your presentation. Find out the level of knowledge the audience has about the topic to be discussed as well as their expectations and demographics. This will enable you tailor your presentation appropriately.

Know the Stage

It is best to visit where you will be making the presentation if possible to see how the room/stage will be laid out, and to make any requests for positioning the visual aid equipment where necessary.

Where it not possible, arrive the venue early and have a feel of the stage.

Practice- Practice – Practice

Practice improves performance in every field of endeavor. Rehearse the presentation from beginning to its end out loud and in front of real people. Do this more than once and time the presentation.

Dress Appropriately

Wear quality clothes that fit. However, what is considered appropriate is relative to the occasion at hand. For example, if you are to give a presentation at a board meeting, you should dress formally.

Start Strong

Choose a great opening line for your presentation. The aim is to grab the audience attention right from the get go.You can start by giving a shocking statistics, telling a story or even asking the audience questions.

Use your Voice well

Your voice plays a critical role in your success as a presenter. This is why many presenters fail to make a mark in their presentation despite have well written and structured contents.Always mind your volume and don’t use a flat voice without variation if not your audience may turn off.Speak as clearly as possible to enable your audience hear your words properly.

Make use of Good Body Language

Don’t keep your hands on the podium, at your back, in your pockets or fidget with them. Always maintain an upright posture and move around a little bit. Use gestures but they should be motivated by the content of your presentation.

Have a Good Ending

Plan the conclusion of your presentation and don’t leave it to chance.  It should be short and reinforce your key messages. Use a quote, a call to action or a story to end your presentation.


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