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Everyone deserves a good life but not everyone gets it. Get more out of life by avoiding the following traps.


Stop putting off things. All thinking and brainstorming without action produces no result. Action is what gives you results. Get more out of life by sticking to the action habit.

Procrastination will only cause you pain and regret. Living a life of accomplishment requires you to make decisions, face your fears and see your actions through.

Action leads to greatness.


Always be optimistic. Negative self talk leads to low self esteem, low enthusiasm, depression and anxiety.

Take charge of your life. You are responsible for way you think. Get rid of negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. There is power in positive thinking.

You have greatness within you.


Many people are caught up with watching too much television but it however comes with an opportunity cost.

Hours spent on watching television could otherwise have been utilized on value adding activities like learning new skills, reading /writing books, strategic planning, creating business opportunities, networking, exercising . The list is endless.

Reduce the hours you spend in front of the television and use time saved to engage in productive activities. You will be surprised how quickly your life will change for the better.

One major difference between the rich and the poor is how they use their time.


You can only go as far as the goals you set in life.

Carry out a self assessment of your goals. Your goals should challenge you otherwise you need set higher ones.

What makes many people lazy is that their goals are too low to motivate them. Challenge yourself to greatness. When setting your goals bench mark against the best in your field.

You owe yourself success.  Go for it.


According to Jim Rohn ‘You are the average of the five people you spend most time with’.

Do not surround yourself with negative people and under achievers. They will  discourage and distract you from your achieving your set goals. The kind of people you surround yourself with also influences the kind of goals you set in life.

Instead tag along with people that are better than you are and choose mentors among them. Get toxic people out of your life.

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1 Comment

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